Fashion brand CINDY ZHANG, which focuses on leather handcrafted body accessories and handbags, has launched its innovative REBORN collection; a line that couples hardness and softness, tenderness and strength, and that reflects designer Cindy’s own personal journey of moving overseas to live and study. 

Having come to the UK from her native China aged just 14, Cindy faced numerous challenges and cultural differences, since the two lives were in such stark contrast with each other. For her, this was a rebirth in itself. She survived by being tough, brave, mature and confident on the outside while remaining inwardly modest and cautious. 

It is from this that the concepts of rebirth and the duality between strength and tenderness evolved. The idea is that the wisdom of life lies in the persistence of love and hope, which can themselves be “reborn.” 

CINDY ZHANG’s conceptual, handcrafted new collection is not a slave to fashion, nor is it intended for any particular season. As well as being highly functional, the range represents a particular spirit. 

The spirit of REBORN centred on a unique blend of softness and hardness, and the dualities between the rational and the perceptual, and male and female. It is inspired by the shapes and concepts of the armour exhibits of London’s Wallace Collection that demonstrate great resolve, shelf-defence in the face of danger, and an indomitable courage. 

CINDY ZHANG is more than just a brand or a series of designs. It is an inspiration and a way of boosting confidence.


CINDY ZHANG,來自於中國,自十四歲開始了獨自在英國的學習生活。當一個羸弱的女孩兒,驟然間從溫暖的家中,被拋向異國生活並學習的時候,這其中的百味陳雜難以述說。每一次面臨考驗、每一次經過試煉,都是一次從柔弱走向剛強的過程。當CINDY ZHANG經歷了生命中最黑暗的時候,是剛性的信念和柔性的愛使她堅定意志,頑強地堅持下去。從十年走來的路程中,CINDY ZHANG深悟到人生的最高智慧就是剛柔相濟,精神和毅力並存,才是成功的秘笈。因此,當她推出自己的品牌時,首先迸發出的靈感就是剛柔並濟的風格。一個產品,不應只具有應用功能,更要表達一種精神,這是CINDY ZHANG自信並會堅持下去的具有獨一性的品牌靈魂。 CINDY ZHANG,不只是一個產品,更是一種激勵,一份自信,以及一個成功!

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